Harvey Stone has been established for many years and prides itself in the service it provides its clients throughout the UK.

  • Address: Hamhill Masonry Works, Ham Hill,
    Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset, TA14 6RW
  • Phone: 01935 824950

Complete Stonemasonry Service

Stonemasonry is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes.

  • Quarrymen split the rock, and extract the resulting blocks of stone from the ground.
  • Sawyers cut these rough blocks into cubes, to required size with diamond-tipped saws.
  • Banker masons are workshop based, and specialise in carving stones into intricate geometrical shapes required by our clients.
  • Carvers work with the stone to create beautiful designs.
  • Fixer masons specialise in the fixing of stones onto buildings.
  • Our stonemasons have been given comprehensive training, both in the classroom and in the working environment.

    Types of Stone

    We work with and supply most types of stone.